Accurat visits Mucca

A visual history of the Nobel Prize that charts the nationalities of all 555 Nobel Laureates, their alma maters, and their ages at the time of the award. [Source: Corriere della Sera | La Lettura]
This past Friday, our friends at Accurat stopped by to show us their latest data visualizations and infographics. As usual, they blew our socks off.

The visualization, which you can see here in full, is part of an ongoing series for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Giorgia Lupi, Gabriele Rossi and the rest of the Accurat team have created 11 visual stories for the paper so far, ranging from J.K. Rowling’s career to the collapse of the 21 largest empires in history. They’ve also dabbled in social media mapping experiments, like the terrific Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday.

Check out more infographics from Accurat here.