The quintessential French brasserie in Manhattan.

Mucca collaborated with New York restaurateur Keith McNally to create an integrated and extensive brand identity for a classic brasserie opening in the then-unloved neighborhood of east SoHo. Our identity for Balthazar focused on recreating an authentic French ambiance, paying great attention to period details. When the client expanded to a separate bakery and wholesale division, we created equally well-defined identities that could stand on their own, while building on the success of the parent brand.






“We worked on every part of the Balthazar brand to give it the feel of a place that had evolved over time to become the institution that it is now.”

Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design

The identity for Balthazar Bakery shows reverence to the old-world traditions of artisanal baking.
The bakery logo is a play on the original, and is set over a signature Provence-yellow background.

Mucca’s branding for Balthazar has helped the restaurant become a tremendous success and an institutional NYC landmark. Its enduring popularity is a testament to our complete branding system, which has helped it become a singularly successful and multifaceted luxury brand, broadening its international recognition through its various expansions.