Brooklyn Fare

A gourmet market that speaks to the locals.

Mucca was asked to develop a brand strategy for a new gourmet market opening in Brooklyn. Our competitive analysis and neighborhood survey revealed that Brooklynites preferred the personal attention and service of local stores. So our branding strategy positioned this new grocery store as the go-to resource for the locals – one that was just as approachable as the bodega down the street. Following an detailed naming process, we established an engaging copywriting tone that become the star of the brand. Its sharp, irreverent New York voice asserts itself across all applications, from digital to environmental.



The colloquial brand voice not only makes a bold statement, but also feels more relatable – it’s not just another big brand chain.”

Roberta Ronsivalle, Managing Partner, Mucca

We created a playful typeface, Fare Serif, that echoes the same tone as the text. Friendly and accessible, it’s meant to be used BIG.


“Mucca established a vision and a voice for Brooklyn Fare, making it stand out in a sea of grocery store competition in South Brooklyn.”   Moe Issa, Owner, Brooklyn Fare 



We designed the interior to give it a warm but modern feel, maximizing the limited space.

The resulting retail experience speaks to consumers in a down-to-earth, relatable way that makes the daily grocery run a little more palatable – and sets itself apart from its competitors. Brooklyn Fare has since expanded to a second location in Manhattan. Judging by the number of Brooklyn Fare reusable bags seen around the city, it’s clear that the fun and cheeky identity clearly resonates with the locals.