Seoul’s newest beauty brand

Another exciting project for a long-time client, Shinsegae—Korea’s most prestigious department store—Chicor is a multi-brand retail cosmetics concept for a customer base that’s young, energetic and eager to try new things. The first of its kind in Korea, the store carries a roster of more than 220 local and global brands.

A sexy, sophisticated black backdrop keeps the focus on the lush photography and glowing skin, and a vibrant gradient in make-up friendly hues acts as the brand “color”. Applied to everything from patterns and motion graphics to lipstick and nail polish, it acts as Chicor’s unconventional signature.

We partnered with top-notch photographer Chris Craymer, the talented motion design team at DIA, and the ace retouchers at Smooch to create brand videos and photography that were used throughout the store and online.

Of course we can’t keep our hands in our laps when it comes to typography, so we created a custom modular typeface, based on the geometric forms of the logo, which the team at DIA brought to kinetic life.

With a luxurious retail environment designed by Burdifilek, and our comprehensive brand system, Chicor is ready for expansion to Gangnam and beyond, and positioned to become the next cosmetics store diva.