Credit Do

Do good. Earn greatness.

Born in response to the student debt crisis, Credit Do allows students to purchase groceries, clothes, and other basic needs by running community service projects. Our challenge was to rebrand the non-profit for a wider audience and long-term growth. Our brand strategy was to simplify the dry and complex subject of finances into an engaging experience by utilizing a simplified visual language. We created an upbeat identity that combines the energy of a grassroots organization with the credibility of an emerging industry leader, accessible to a wide range of audiences.




We built a hub for the Credit Do community that doubles as a long-scrolling infographic.


The result is a fun, user-friendly, and deliberately simple experience – just like the program itself. Armed with a new identity and online platform, Credit Do is ready to reach communities across New York and around the country, and delivers an online experience that inspires just as much as it educates.