El Born

A Barcelona barrio in Brooklyn.

Named after one of Barcelona’s most exciting neighborhoods, El Born is a Brooklyn restaurant serving a twist on classic Spanish tapas. For the restaurant’s brand identity, we drew inspiration from the owner’s reverence for authentic recipes, and the namesake district’s mix of old world and avant-garde. With vibrant colors, bold typography and a spirited mix of Catalan and English copy, El Born’s identity is an eclectic union of two cultures.

The website is a long-scrolling style website built on our customized Content Management System (CMS) with mobile optimization.
Our approach to the copy was like that of a travel phrasebook: descriptive, straightforward, and simple.
Layered type and expressive letterforms lend an exuberant and welcoming voice to the brand.


With its mix of traditional flavors and modern style, El Born transports patrons to Barcelona without ever leaving Brooklyn.