Fairway Everyday Essentials

Fairway Everyday Essentials

How does an independent regional market position its in-house label to compete with well-established national brands? By rethinking dated notions about product display with straightforward design solutions aimed at grabbing the attention of even the most distracted shopper. 

Fairway is an iconic New York City market known for its vast selection and hard-to-find products, including a growing roster of private labels. Mucca was tasked with rebranding their basic and premium product lines, with hundreds of SKUs between them. 

Fairway has strong brand equity and popular private label products, but its packaging system lacked consistency, shelf appeal, and most importantly, a point of view. They needed a redesign that clearly differentiated between the lines, while giving them a stronger presence in the store.


After Mucca’s rebranding

This line carries the items we use everyday, from butter to milk to beans. The simplicity of the system, with its distraction-free layout and strong focus on the product, makes it an effortless choice for busy shoppers. Defined by bold type and a distinctive illustration style not typically found in the grocery aisle, the design is has a no-nonsense approachability. Unprecedented sales have shown that bread and butter can truly be a retailer’s bread and butter.

The redesigns have given Fairway a shelf presence strong enough to compete with deep-pocketed brands many times their size, even without an advertising budget or marketing support. With select products leading sales within their category, the project is a prime example of how smart design can add measurable value to a company’s bottom line.