Farmer’s Fridge

This Chicago-based pioneer has a unique vision: to make delicious, nourishing food available to everyone, no matter what food desert they find themselves in. Farmer’s Fridge partners with local growers and producers to make salads, snacks, and other wholesome foods each day in their urban kitchen. Everything gets packaged in recyclable jars and sold from automated fridges restocked daily. With an ethos of giving back to the community, they donate leftovers to local food pantries.

To attract new investors, they asked us to develop their brand positioning and conduct a brand overhaul, from the touchscreen interface and app to the fridge itself.

Our main challenge was one of customer perception. How do you convince people to try a salad from a machine? So we designed everything to express the human presence behind the food and the mission of the brand: bringing real food from farms to busy city dwellers.

We commissioned the talented Simone Massoni to create a library of farm and city icons that can be combined in fun, engaging ways.

The identity extends to a counter at Chicago’s Revival Food Hall, where new recipes are tested, and sold by real smiling people.

From reclaimed wood and plastic plants to an icon of eating well, Farmer’s Fridge is steadily fulfilling its mission, having expanded its menu range and opened over 100 new fridges since our rebranding.