Gagosian Gallery

Partnering with art world heavyweights.

Mucca has collaborated with the Gagosian Gallery to create a diverse assemblage of exhibition catalogues that celebrate the lives of contemporary art greats.


The “Claude Monet: Late Work” exhibition was the most significant collection of Monet’s late paintings to take place in New York in more than thirty years.



The hardbound catalogue for the Philip Taaffe exhibition included a cloth cover, multiple paper stocks, and gatefolds showcasing the psychedelic details of the intricate works.

Our catalogue for the Picasso exhibit, “Experiments in Linogravure,” was inspired by out-of-print artbooks from the 1960s.
The Robert Rauschenberg catalogue is the first compilation of its kind to encompass the virtuoso’s entire career.



Gagosian11_cs-hwGagosian10_cs-hwFocused on the kaleidoscopic abstract landscapes she painted in the last decade of her life, the Joan Mitchell catalogue is purposefully understated to let the art speak for itself.

Mucca’s work for each exhibition resulted in instantly recognizable graphic identities for each show.