Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria

From rustic to retail.

Il Buco, a rustic New York favorite, opened a sister venue that combines a restaurant, alimentari (grocery), espresso bar and gelateriaMucca redefined the Il Buco brand to encompass the new Alimentari’s myriad offerings, while celebrating the proprietor’s reverence for culinary traditions and the spontaneity of authentic Italian eateries.



Menus were designed with rustic materials like unfinished wood and rubber bands.


Across all applications, the parent brand maintains a subtle but central presence.


Inspired by vintage Italian store signs, the typography creates a space for the Il Buco name, which literally means “the hole.”

Since its opening, Il Buco’s alimentari has earned critical accolades and attracted flocks of intrigued foodies. With their adaptable identity, the Il Buco team is poised to expand their offerings as they continue to embark on new and delicious culinary ventures.