A Parisian bistro transforms a corner of NYC.

Keith McNally’s Pastis has been an iconic fixture on the New York dining scene since it opened in 1999, serving steak frites to more than its share of celebrities. Mucca worked with McNally to replicate the feel of an early 20-century French brasserie, introducing a joie de vivre to the industrial Meatpacking District that precipitated its transformation to an A-list destination. We strategically created multiple logos with slight variations on each application to convey the feel of a classic local eatery that has grown and evolved over time. The same approach was applied to signage and interior elements, with faded lettering and traditional enameled metal implying that the place has a history, and inviting others to be a part of it.


We helped create a dining destination in a neighborhood better known for meat lockers than bœuf bourguignon.

Typographic styles of the era were repurposed for a modern audience.
Authentic enamel drink menus tempt diners with vintage cocktails.

Pastis has become not just another successful Keith McNally restaurant—but a New York institution. With Mucca’s iconic branding, it has played a pivotal role in transforming the formerly seedy neighborhood into  fashionable urban playground. Although the restaurant temporarily closed in 2014 for renovations, its lasting success is a testament to a brand identity that established it as a beacon for like-minded restaurateurs to follow.