Patina Restaurant Group

Capturing a company's culture in a unified identity.

With over 60 restaurants and food service operations, numerous subdivisions, and diverse offerings, Patina Restaurant Group was having an identity crisis. Our brand strategy started with defining PRG’s corporate values, from which we crafted a message that would reach multiple audiences—helping them make the shift to a consumer-facing business. We merged the group’s various personalities into a core identity, expressing it through a visual system inspired by the client’s conviction that cooking is essentially a creative endeavor.


The hand-painted PRG monogram has a fresh, organic quality that’s straight from the farmers’ market.

“With their strategic approach, first-rate aesthetic sensibility and distinctive voice, Mucca Design served as a positive catalyst for change within our organization.”

Greg Deligdisch, Vice President of Marketing, Patina Restaurant Group



Our design reflects a sense of lifestyle and culinary artistry, a hallmark of their new mission statement. We successfully repositioned PRG as a unified restaurant group that combines the passion and personal attention of a boutique business with the resources and professionalism of a national conglomerate.