Rethinking the energy drink.

Runa is the first beverage company in North America to sell guayusa, an Amazonian tree leaf brewed for centuries as as source of mental strength and stamina. When Runa’s founders developed a ready-to-drink product, they needed a new identity that would position them as a strong competitor in the already saturated energy drink category.


The new brand system has the flexibility to accommodate additional flavors as the company expands its offerings.

With serene white space punctuated by vibrant colors, the packaging has a modern aesthetic that suggests its cultural heritage in a more subtle way. By communicating the functionality of the product without losing its organic appeal, we were able to make the brand relevant to a broader audience. Mucca’s rebranding stimulated Runa’s success, and it is now sold in over 2,000 stores nationwide. With guayusa fast gaining popularity as a natural source of caffeine, Runa is poised to change the game in energy drinks.