Schiller’s Liquor Bar

Eastern Europe via the Lower East Side.

Restaurateur Keith McNally’s Schiller’s is a casual Eastern European-inspired café in New York’s Lower East Side. As with McNally’s other restaurants, our challenge was to conceive a new identity that exudes a time-worn sense of history. From hand-drawn and stamped typography, to staff t-shirts printed with choking-victim rescue instructions, every aspect of the project was designed to convey the kind of homemade quirkiness, reminiscent of a family-owned downtown joint.


“After many intensive brand strategy sessions on the wine service, we were unable to spell with any certainty. Fortunately, we were still able to count to three.”
Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design

The unique signature-style logo was translated into an old-school neon sign.


We created an original typeface that alternates letterforms to give the menus a unique handwritten look, without the labor intensity.


Mucca’s brand design for Schiller’s Liquor Bar was nominated for a James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant Graphics. Schiller’s entry into the Lower East Side presaged a rush of well-reviewed restaurants to the neighborhood, transforming a gritty area into Manhattan’s next dining destination.