SSG Food Market

A supermarket with Seoul.

Shinsegae, South Korea’s premier luxury department store, asked Mucca to translate their vision of a forward-thinking food emporium into a reality. In a marketplace of sterile grocery environments, our goal was to engage shoppers through an edifying experience of authentic culinary culture. To bring SSG Food Market to life, we conceived everything from signage to packaging to uniforms, developing an information-rich brand system that speaks to a demographic hungry for facts about food and health.


Custom stencil typography, natural materials, and hand-applied graphics convey a spontaneous energy and artisanal spirit.
A product rating system with color-coded icons calls out special products.






“Mucca created farm- and market-inspired typography and imagery to enhance the shopping experience and created an identity with an eco-conscious design mindset.”  Boyoung Lee, Vice President and Creative Director, SSG Food Market


The flagship store in Seoul’s trendsetting Chungdam neighborhood has become a food lover’s destination, luring locals and international shoppers alike. With plans for more store openings, Shinsegae is redefining South Korea’s retail landscape by setting a new standard for lifestyle-infused food markets.