Managing equine health with your fingertips.

StableLab is the world’s first portable equine blood analyzer for Serum Amyloid A (SAA), a blood protein that indicates early infection in high concentrations. Mucca developed a companion smartphone app to help users keep track of their horses’ test results.  In addition to charting data over time, it allows users to add notes on nutrition information or treatment plans. We simplified the health management process through a clean, minimal design and approachable language.

A dashboard greets users with alerts indicating which horses need attention.
The app is used in conjunction with the StableLab physical testing kit. Design: Libby (CartonLeVert), Photo: Colin Gillen (Frame Light).


Building on the utility of the SAA analyzer for pre-race performance testing, the StableLab app is a valuable tool for facilitating horse health monitoring. It is currently in beta for Android, with plans to further develop the app across iOS and the web.