The Type Directors Club

Kerning for kerners.

The Annual of the Type Directors Club is considered the foremost design compilation showcasing the year’s finest examples of typographic excellence from around the world. Designing an annual for the TDC is a type designer’s dream come true – and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to experiment with the zeitgeist-defining power that such an influential institution wields. 


Experimenting with “low” vs. “high” art, we commissioned a street calligrapher to create the lettering, and layered it with vintage ornamental type.





In the spirit of our diabolical experiment, we designed two original typefaces. The first, Mucca Athenian, was inspired by a typeface used on the cover of a mid-century brochure unearthed from the TDC Archives. The second, Mucca Zanna, reinterprets a sample of eccentric Victorian calligraphy.