Distilling a brand to its essence.

Mucca has been a long-time collaborator with Waterworks, an industry leader in the world of home and bath décor. We helped define the brand’s visual language, evolving its look and feel for a more polished identity. In addition, we developed numerous sales catalogs for its various product lines, including Waterworks Studio, RW Atlas, and Kitchen & Bar. Our art-inspired catalogs created distinctly unique looks for each line, all the while remaining consistent under the Waterworks brand umbrella.



Our direction was anchored around the brand’s concept of “Everything you need, nothing more.”

Inspired by the products themselves, we featured minimalistic photography, straightforward copy, and details from everyday life.
For the Waterworks Studio line, we favored minimalistic photography and straightforward copy, which was also extended to its ad campaign.
We approached the Kitchen & Bar project as an opportunity to brighten the brand with details from everyday life to express more personality.

Our collaboration with Waterworks has heaped the brand stand out from its competitors with a unique sense of sophistication, and it has played a key role in the company’s success. Our work for the Kitchen & Bar collection established Waterworks as an essential resource for every corner of the home, and the Studio collection launched to rave reviews and rapid sales, redefining Waterworks as a luxury brand with something for everyone.