Fontegrafica Visits Mucca


Diem Chau’s “The Lost Elephant”, offset printed in 5 colors with a sixth titanium anthracite color for textured pencil effect; Limited edition book designed for The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, photo via Nicola Albertin at FNG Magazine.


The folks at Fontegrafica are the master craftsmen of fine printing, producing pieces of such rare and astounding beauty that they make you completely reconsider what’s possible with paper. Consider the book they produced to commemorate the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, which employs a combination of silkscreening with gold and silver inks, measures more than 3 feet wide when open, and shares the same Tuscan paper stock as Napoleon’s wedding invitation. According to Corrado Musmeci, Fontegrafica’s General Manager, it took six months to produce. Did we mention there are 3,000 of them?

When the “oohs” and “ahhs” finally subsided, we asked Corrado whether such exquisite, meticulously produced pieces were profitable. He thought for a moment. “That’s an American question.”

The Italian answer would look something like Milan. More “magic box” than book, the limited edition contains special effects like silkscreen transparent varnishes, laser cuts, hot stamps, almond scratch and sniff varnishes, letterpress inserts, and silver laminations. When the book was finally bound, Corrado invited the authors to hold the finished product in their hands for the first time. When they reached the end he noticed they were teary-eyed. “There’s something special about paper that gets people emotional like that.”

Check out more of Fontegrafica’s awe-inspiring work on their website.