Image of Our Studio: Playing With Type


Photos via Gerard Garvey

Are design studios really leaving Manhattan for Brooklyn? Is “scotch o’clock” actually a widespread ritual? Wonder no longer, because now a group of researchers and designers have created Image of the Studio, a gallery show and series of data visualizations cataloguing the cultures, methodologies, and outsized personalities at 75 graphic design studios. The show contains original work from an impressive sampling of New York’s top design talent—from superstudios like Pentagramand Wolff Olins to small shops like the two-man type foundry ETC. We’re proud to be in such good company.

As for the artwork itself, studios were asked to submit a 30×30-inch “self portrait” of their design practice. The brief was purposefully open to interpretation — “represent your studio’s philosophy and aesthetic” — so we decided to have some fun with it.

At Mucca, typography is in our DNA. Though we pride ourselves on the wide range of skills we bring to every project, designing typefaces will always hold a special place in our hearts. So when it came to answering the brief, we decided to restate our challenge: how can we infect the viewer with our overriding passion for typography? The final piece resembles a type nerd’s dream refrigerator, where magnetic letters can be moved around and adorned with a variety of serifs.

Curated by the creative agency Athletics and The Herb Lubalin Study Center for Design and Typography, you can catch Image of the Studio at the Cooper Gallery until October 26, 2013.