Mucca’s Matteo Bologna guest blogs for Design Envy


If you’re as much a fan of AIGA’s Design Envy as we are, you might’ve noticed a very conspicuous moustache accompanying all of this week’s posts. Intoday’s installment, Matteo recalls a chance encounter with Marc Boutavant’s Around the World with Mouk:

“It all started in a bookstore in Spain a few years ago with my unfamiliar role as a new father. While browsing the children’s section under the pretense of picking reading materials for my daughters (translation: selfishly shopping for myself), I stumbled on the kind of eye-catching cover I had not seen since the Richard Scarry books of my childhood. La vuelta al mundo con Mouk (Around the World with Mouk) is a masterpiece of visual storytelling. I spent at least an hour perusing the book, meandering through each spread along with the hundreds of little anthropomorphic animals that populate the pages of this technicolor world busy with the most sweet and bizarre activities. FYI: I don’t read Spanish.”

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