A New Mucca.com

Blog_MuccaWebsiteYou may have noticed that Mucca.com looks a little different now. We are excited to announce the launch of our new site—responsive, streamlined and a lot more orange than our last rendition!
At Mucca we believe that relevant design comes from a strategic foundation that is straightforward and intuitive. Naturally, this belief was the basis of our digital strategy for the new site. The goal was to present a large body of work and content in a way that is inviting in its simplicity and ease of use, while continually engaging users with its rich content.
Here are some of the key changes we’ve made:
More Mucca, right from the beginning: The site’s landing experience allows us to prominently feature our latest and greatest projects along with recent thoughts and news.
A more engaging way to navigate the site: The main navigation was inspired by Mucca’s new simplified logotype, and a natural language approach is used throughout the site. We embedded the site’s sorting navigation within contextual sentences to make filtering content more engaging and informative. These changing headlines act as conversational filters that tell you more about Mucca based on your selection. We wanted to infuse our personality into the UX of the site without getting in the way of the page’s primary function. Users can sort our clients by industry, our work by service, and even our employees by their morning beverage preferences. This highly typographic approach also allows us to show off our own custom typeface, Liminal, in its web incarnation.
A vivid showcase of our work: On the web, content is king—which is why our case studies and blog posts are presented as endless scrolls, interspersed with related content. Project pages have been designed to visually communicate the breadth of services Mucca provided for each project, and are great for those who want to see everything we did. For users looking for a specific type of work, we filtered project pages to allow users to view only what they are interested in—these service-specific pages are loaded form thumbnails sorted by service. While this system may sound complex, it allows users to flow intuitively through the site to find exactly what they’re looking for. To achieve this, we built a robust system for categorizing and tagging all projects and assets in the site’s content management system to make administering project pages as easy as navigating them.
A touch of Mucca personality: While designing a new site takes a lot of strategy and planning, it’s important to have a bit of fun too. We used the site’s Approach section as an opportunity to engage users with animations outlining Mucca’s core beliefs, enlivening what otherwise could become dry content. On our Studio page you can sort the staff by a range of criteria to learn more about us. We built a more fully featured blog (and here you are!) and added the ability to share projects, blog posts and job descriptions across the web or wherever you please. If you’re looking really carefully, you may even find an Easter Egg or two…
We hope you enjoy browsing our new site as much as we did building it!