Save the Date: Leadership Symposium at AIGA Gain Conference

Please join us in supporting AIGA’s first ever Leadership Symposium at this year’s Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference. Organized by the Women’s Leadership Initiative, it will explore how women are redesigning business in new and exciting ways:
Women’s ascendancy in all sectors of business has revitalized public discourse on subjects such as leadership skills, professional gender relations, compensation, work-life balance and organizational change. Persistent inequities and inadequacies are not only being observed more acutely than ever, they are being addressed through the problem-solving process of design.
This burgeoning movement, prompted by so-called women’s issues, is being led by and for both women and men. Innovative leaders at the individual and organizational levels are thinking creatively to recast our notions of professional development, leadership, the workplace and the very nature of work. Moderator Geri Stengel, president of Ventureneer, contributor to Forbes and author of Forget the Glass Ceiling: Building Your Business Without One, will host insightful interviews with a mix of speakers from academia, technology, design and business.
The symposium will be held on October 22 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Register online by October 17.