On Shelves: 2012 Brand New Awards

On Shelves_ 2012 Brand New Awards_tn Blog_OnShelves_BrandNewAwards02The good people at UnderConsideration have once again released their print edition of the Brand New Awards, and we’re honored to have our work included. As always, the book is a beautiful piece of design in its own right — which should come as no surprise if you’re familiar with UnderConsideration’s quarterly publication.

Over at For Print Only, Armit Vit explains the rationale behind the book design: “For the third printed edition of the Brand New Awards, we haven’t veered away from our simple formula and format. A stocky size, a bright-ass cover, and great design within. This year’s logo for the Awards didn’t lend itself to too much trickery, so we just did a simple spot gloss UV varnish on the inner circle to give it a subtle change in texture. Inside, things are straightforward CMYK plus a PMS for all the green text, letting the winning work get all the attention.”

You can buy the book here, and flip to page 105 for Mucca’s work on SSG Food Market.